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Welcome to Kaasmo Expovision – Team Kaasmo brings more than two decades of professional man years's experience in infrastructure Branding Solutions for exhibitions (Booth Design & Fabrication) and working relationship with some of the super brands in the Indian and International market is what we bring along on the table today. Experience and highly skilled exhibition stand designer, hand-picked project/operation team able to deliver custom and modular exhibition booth globally in more than 12 countries. Our team understand your brand and its visual language to be transformed as experience through 3D design and fabrication with the right set of material and finishes. We deliver in any geography of the Globe in the given time, the setup ready for you to exhibit/launch your product/service and its experience to you users. We have strong presence in multiple industry vertical of Automotive, Petro Chemical, Pharma, Publishing, Medical Devices and Technology.

Exhibitions – International & Domestic

KAASMO transforms visitor’s experience into desired business objectives and communication goals. Kaasmo's team today understand the types of interactions that maximize visitor enjoyment and learning from fine details of individual exhibits to the environmental aspects of an exhibition space. We understand the art of story telling through space design methods and 3 dimensional design. With our project managers and ground force execution team a descriptive plan is jointly agreed with the help of approved design, development drawings, Scheduled roaster of work force and delivery time line. Utmost check is kept on the escalated cost and slippage in time line. Today, we specializing in Corporate Events, Conferences and themed Events, KAASMO can advise on all aspects of your event including product launches, openings, parties and set design.

Portable Solutions

In addition to our custom built exhibition solutions, we also supply a wide range of ‘Off the Shelf’ portable products to compliment your activation space. At Kaasmo, we research and make practical designs which helps in your day to day life with the help of pragmatic design solutions. Our designers are part of a collaborative team and our clients are consistently served with well-articulated visual ideas that help them to identify and evaluate what is more appropriate as intended. Be it an Exhibition space, Store design, Marketing tools, Digital Marketing or Media services, all are seamlessly integrated in elegant and eye-catching forms to end customer’s attention.


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